Sunday, 15 August 2010

The Next Step

Looking back at this blog I have noticed in the few months that it has existed, it has mainly consisted of questions and theories and uncertainties. In short, it acts as one large question mark.
What to do? How? To trust or not to? To throw all the cards upon the table and just laugh at whatever fate has to throw?

I now know what the next step is and I'm I really leaving Cairo? Will my beloved city no longer be home? But in fact the time draws closer and I'm behaving like a small child, holding her hands over her eyes- dreaming that if she doesn't look then it won't happen and life will continue as a dream of fairy stories and games and laughter.

 Tonight, I started bidding her goodbye, beloved, my tempestuous love affair that I will always go back to. As I raced back home along the Corniche after breaking fast my heart stuck in my throat as I breathed in the smell of Cairo, the lights of Cairo as they reflected back through the haze and humidity of the night, the reflections as they bounced off the waters of the Nile.

 I don’t wish to paint a cliché and over emotional picture. I have lived in many cities, seen many continents and yet I believe no city could ever compare.

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