Thursday, 12 August 2010


The inevitable Ramadan post and yet I'd like to believe that this is with a slight difference. For me, Ramadan is the best month of the year, though not for the reasons one would imagine.

Perhaps from habit, from example or genuine spiritual awakening/ reawkening, I find Ramadan a chance to take stock of what has happened throughout the year, a time to contemplate and review what has gone wrong and right. What needs to be rectified etc.Of course this happens throughout the year but Ramadan always seems a bit more intense.

Over the past few months, I feel I've had ample time to reflect, perhaps much needed and whilst I have arrived at a few conclusions and been stronger for it, I can not be 100% sure that these are all correct.

I still stand by the statement though that at every moment of our lives we all have one foot in a fairy tale and the other in the abyss and oh how very true that has proven to be!

I feel like these are the obscure ramblings of someone who's mind is jumping from one thought to another and that is in part true, but these thoughts are interconnected.

I need to be stronger and stick by my convictions, regardless. I need to be a bit more selfish and care more for myself. I need to stick to 'the plan' and most of all I need to be rid of this blame I heap upon myself each time I consider the past.

On that note I should sleep before I become even more arcane :)

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