Saturday, 14 August 2010

The Mandatory Silly Post

So I was recently flicking through my reader when I came about this post on National Sterotypes, as you can see it includes Brits, Brazilians, Mexicans but no Arabs- unless you incled the heading 'any Muslim nation'. So I thought I'd feature some of my own little sterotypes of Arab nations

The Egyptians: Well being one of them, I would tend to say Egyptians should be characterised by sheer awesomeness, but the reality is that we're known for our sense of humour and a deep sense of honour and generosity. Unfuortunately we are known also for being somewhat materialistic...ah well, can't be perfect :)

The Lebanese: Well the Lebs are known for being very attractive...particularly their ladies (though their men ba2s ya3ni) and for being party animals. They are also known for being rather crazy- this country has seen more civil wars than peace since it was created.

The Palestinians: Tough, rough, idealistic and most certainly the underdog.

The Syrians: An old Egyptian joke went that in Syria the first to wake up in the morning made a coup d'etat. Generally they are known for their business-savyness....the quality of their domestic intelligence and in my humble opinion, their complexity.

The Iraqis: Definitely a tough and rough people and known for being a little bit blood thirsty. More recently seen as the abused under-dog much like the Palestinians but much admired for their bravery and resiliance.

The Saudis: Hypocrites, who think they can buy anything. Also for those who have lived there, I think all agree that it has to be the most boring country on earth- hence no picture.

The Algerians: Well the recent football debacle between Egypt and Algeria fuelled the idea that the Algerians are very hot headed. A very long civil war has fuelled this theory. Ha...and when looking for a picture I felt myself needing to add that many are not in Algeria- though that applies for many Arab countries.

Gulf Arabs: Yuck

disclaimer: this post was just for fun and meant no disrespect to any of the mentioned nations

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