Thursday, 23 February 2012

London Picasso Exhibition

The exhibition is on at the Tate Britain and is absolutely fantastic..not only does it feature the usual suspects- famous paintings we have become familiar with but also some very rare and early works. 

Whatever one might think of Picasso's more avantgarde work, he truly was talented and was extremely capable in almost every style under the sun- whether it be more traditional, 'accurate' still life, impressionism, cubism or abstract.

The exhbition also leaves an impression as it explores the period of the Spanish civil war, when Picasso worked on Geurnica -an image that has been used alot as a profile picture on FB during these troubled times.

The painting that always strikes me the most is 'The weeping woman' the words of British artist Roland Penrose “In these dreadful times....when we live on a diet of atrocities, each worse than the next, this picture is like a drug and gives me courage. It misses nothing of this tragedy, but surpasses it."

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