Monday, 4 January 2010

New Ministers

Following the train disaster back in October, which claimed many lives and the resignation of Egypt's Minister of Transport Mohamed Mansour, the government has just nominated Alaa Fahmy as the new Minister of Transport.

The appointment of Fahmy, formerly head of Egypt National Postal Authority, was part of a ministerial reshuffle that also saw Education Minister Yousri el-Gamal replaced by Ain Shams University President Ahmed Zaki Badr.

The replacement of the Minister of Education, though suspected was not on the agenda and media speculates that this may be down to the recurrent failure and corruption of the Thanweya Amma exams, the national secondary school certificate,; and second, the tragic death of 11-year-old Islam Badr who was kicked to death by his teacher, leading to public outrage over corporal punishment in schools.

Critics have been sceptical of both appointments, pointing to inexperience and protesting that this is not the way to solve the chaos currently suffered in these sectors.

Despite speculations that President Mubarak may be preparing for a major cabinet reshuffle that would possibly see a change of Prime Minister, Mubarak chose to make just two changes, suggesting that Mubarak will soldier on with the current cabinet until the general elections.

All Egyptians can do is wait it out.

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